Prime Day has the one travel-anywhere charge-anything portable battery you need for a great price


This is an amazing battery at its full price, and even better on sale for Prime Day.

There’s a seemingly endless number of portable battery packs out there with different combinations of features, ports and capacities to fit every single need. We’ve written about dozens of our favorites here, with everything from phone-specific batteries up to giants that can pull double duty charging your laptop or tablet. With Amazon Prime Day kicking off, though, there are some portable batteries that are specifically worth talking about because they’re on deep discount.

This RAVPower 20100mAh battery pack is worth recognition even at its usual price, but it’s extra enticing when it’s on sale. Here’s why you should be buying it.

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The first requirement for any new phone accessory I buy is that it supports USB-C. I only have a couple Micro-USB cables kicking around at this point, and I don’t want to have an extra one around just to charge a battery. So this RAVPower unit passes the first test, with a USB-C port that can be used for charging itself or supplying power. The USB-C port handles 5V/3A in either direction, which means you can charge the battery back up in a handful of hours or supply wall charger-like speeds to USB-C devices. But here’s the bonus: this also has a Micro-USB port for charging, just in case you’re in a situation in which you need it. Micro-USB is still everywhere, so if you’re in a pinch you’ll never be left without a way to get this battery recharged.

In terms of the other outputs, RAVPower gives you the standard options: you get a USB-A port that offers Quick Charge 3.0 speeds for the vast majority of Android phones that support it, plus another standard USB-A port at 5V/2.4A for everything else. Between the USB-C port and Quick Charge port you’ll charge Androids as quickly as possible, and that extra USB-A port is great for your friend’s iPhone that needs a quick top-up or perhaps your pair of headphones or other battery-powered accessory that doesn’t have Quick Charge. The variety of charging options here cover the whole spectrum of possible situations.

Now, let’s talk capacity. 20100mAh isn’t particularly portable unless you’re carrying a bag, but RAVPower isn’t trying to make it seem like this is a tiny little thing — it’s all about having the capacity on hand to charge up several devices without a thought. You’ll be able to plug in two phones at 1% battery and charge them both up with half of the battery pack left to use later. Or plug in a couple tablets and charge them fully with enough left over for another phone charge later. You aren’t likely to use up all 20100mAh in one go, but with this amount of capacity you don’t have to think about recharging the battery itself all of the time — just use it when you need it, and charge it up here and there.

This isn’t the absolute perfect big battery if you intend to primarily use it with laptops, because that USB-C output caps out at 15W rather than the much higher 30 or 60W of some larger batteries. But then again those larger USB-C PD batteries are twice the price of this one … before it’s on sale for Prime Day. This RAVPower 20100mAh battery is an all-around workhorse of a battery that can charge up your phones and other accessories in whatever way they need, and have enough capacity to do it a couple times over — and then recharge itself with either USB-C or Micro-USB, so you’ll never be stranded. It’s a killer battery at full price, and an unbelievable one when it’s on sale this Prime Day.

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July 16, 2018 at 10:36AM