PPSSPP gets update, now compatible with Vulkan graphics


We understand that it doesn’t take that huge a leap of imagination to think that your old PlayStation Portable (PSP) games should be playable on your powerful smartphones, and you would be right. The technology on most high-end and even midrange smartphones should be capable enough to do this, and right now the most popular way to do it is through an emulator app called PPSSPP.

The PPSSPP emulator app has undergone some good changes in the past few years, and now we get another helpful update. The PPSSPP app is now able to use the Vulkan graphics API for better emulation of games. On the surface, this can only mean good things for PPSSPP users.

What is Vulkan graphics? This is a low-overhead graphics API much like OpenGL or OpenGL ES, but that much more capable. This was developed by the Khronos Group and backed by tech heavyweights Intel and NVIDIA. This API was hyped when Samsung embraced it for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

So if your phone supports Vulkan graphics, know that PPSSPP will automatically take advantage of the API for better emulation of your classic PSP games. Cool stuff.


via Android Community

December 5, 2017 at 03:54PM