Pokemon Go Easter Eggstravaganza starts today


Easter egg hunting starts early for Pokemon Go fans as their Easter special starts today. If you feel like walking long distances just to capture surprise monsters and get special boxes, then now is the time to get your monster-hunting exercise on. From March 22 to April 2 (no April Fools joke here), players will get to experience the Pokemon Go Eggstravaganza where you get more Pokemons, bonus Candy, and increased hatch rates for your favorite but time-consuming monsters.

Every time you hatch an egg during this period, you’ll get bonus Candy (we wish it was real candy though). And when you will get the normal amount of Stardust for some actions, during the entire time of the Eggstravaganza, you get double Stardust. But of course what’s important for most is the egg hatching itself and all your 2KM eggs will have a greater variety of Pokemon and they come in all kinds of sizes and monsters.

Those Pokemon that are normally found in 5KM or 10KM eggs will be hatched with the 2KM eggs until April 2. So that also means there will be an increased rate of monsters like Pichu and Togepi. If you feel like spending real money, the in-app shop has special boxes with Super Incubators and Star Pieces to help you in your egg hatching adventures.

So you better start planning where you will be walking around from March 22 until April 2 when the Pokemon Go Eggstravaganza will be happening. And if you haven’t played the game in a long time, then maybe now is the time to get back to it for at least a week.

SOURCE: Pokemon Go

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March 21, 2018 at 05:55PM