Pokemon Go Adventure Sync lets you track steps in the background


Have you ever walked a pretty long distance and told yourself, “Man, if I had Pokemon Go open I would have hatched so many eggs right now!” ? Well those steps will no longer be for naught as a new feature called Adventure Sync will be able to record the distances that you walked even when your game app wasn’t launched when you started or finished walking. This means you will still be able to earn those candy and hatch those eggs once you’ve synced the app.

When you’re walking long distances, it doesn’t always mean that you are looking for Pokemon and training them. Sometimes, it’s just for necessity or even exercise. However, to make sure that they also lead you to become a better Trainer, you will soon be able to use the Adventure Sync feature and all your movements will be applied to getting in-game rewards like weekly milestones. And the reason why you want those milestones is of course you want candy (the virtual kind) and eggs that you will eventually hatch.

So even if you don’t have Pokemon Go launched on your smartphone it will sync your activity to the Google Fit app and once you do launch the game, it will then tally your distance and get you your rewards. You will also get a weekly summary if you’re into all the statistics that you were able to gather whether or not the app was launched. You’ll get rewards for each milestone that you are able to cross.

You will also get push notifications on your phone when your Buddy Pokemon has found candy or when one of the eggs in your incubator is about to hatch. Adventure Sync is an opt-in feature since maybe not everyone would want to still have their steps measured and therefore eat up a bit of battery and memory from your device.

Niantic didn’t specifically say when Adventure Sync will start rolling out except to say it will be “coming soon”. Since a lot of the players actually get their only form of exercise through the game, then this can be something useful for them as well.

SOURCE: Niantic

via Android Community

October 26, 2018 at 06:02AM