Pokémon Day 2018 adds fun to Alexa, Google Home, Snapchat, and more!


The Pokemon Company had pulled out all the stops for this year’s celebration.

February 27th has become a holiday for Pokemon fans, marking the anniversary of the original launch of the first game in 1996, and this year the celebration is leaning heavier than ever on your phone. While there are still limited collectibles at Pokemon Centers and access to the latest Pokemon Movie on Pokemon TV, your digital assistant is also going to play a bit part this year.

Here’s how you can celebrate this year!

Snapchat lenses

You can now add some Pokemon flavor to your snaps with the original starter creatures. Snapchat is unlocking Bulbasaur for you to have fun with tomorrow, with plans to unlock Charmander next and Squirtle sometime after.

These will work like any other Snapchat lenses, and brings you closer than ever to looking like you actually own one of these classics.

Pikachu Talk

Amazon Alexa and Google Home owners can enable the new Pikachu Talk feature, allowing you to have a conversation with everyone’s favorite Pokemon. You can ask questions and get responses in that classic voice, but it’s not available everywhere. Alexa users on most countries will have access to the skull, but Google Home users outside of the US are getting frozen out for this one.

Pokemon Go

Party Hat Pikachu has returned to the game for one day, bringing with it 3X Stardust for each catch. This version of the Pikachu Congress with a special move limited to this version, which is also passed of to it’s Raichu evolution.

Costumes for the outfits worn in Leaf Green and Fire Red versions of Pokemon are also available to buy in-game starting tomorrow.

How are you celebrating Pokemon Day this year?

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February 26, 2018 at 01:19PM