Pixel owners get a sneak peek of upcoming film Isle of Dogs in VR



  • Google Pixel and Pixel 2 owners get exclusive access to Isle of Dogs behind-the-scenes content in VR.
  • The VR content is available now on Google’s Spotlight Stories app and will be available to everyone via YouTube VR on March 2.


Isle of Dogs is set to be released in March, but Pixel owners get exclusive access to behind-the-scenes footage in VR.

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Set in Japan, this stop-motion movie revolves around a boy who goes on an epic adventure to find his dog, Spots. Directed by Wes Anderson, Isle of Dogs has already earned a 95-percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, film critics calling it “delightful,” “entirely pleasurable,” and “winningly affectionate.” Isle of Dogs looks promising indeed, but the thing is, you will have to wait a bit until it is officially released – until late March, that is.

However, if you’re a Google Pixel owner (first and second generation), Google is taking you behind the scenes in a 360-degree VR experience. Ranging from on-set interviews with the film’s cast to an inside look at the unique craft of stop-motion animation, the exclusive sneak peek is available right now on the Google Spotlight Stories app.

According to Google, “Pixel’s powerful front-firing stereo speakers and brilliant display make it perfect for watching immersive VR content like this,” but the company also recommends that you watch the exclusive content on the Daydream View headset. It adds that on March 2, Isle of Dogs Behind the Scenes in VR will become available in VR, 360 and 2D via YouTube VR and Fox Searchlight YouTube channel, and any platform that has the YouTube VR app.

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February 18, 2018 at 10:51PM