Pixel November update forces Night Mode with Battery Saver mode


While most people will probably be happy with apps or a phone that has a Night Mode option, with emphasis on option, we probably will not appreciate it if it’s forced on us. The latest update for the Pixel devices, unfortunately, has that process as users have reported that as soon as you turn on your Battery Saver mode, your phone will automatically switch to the Night Mode, whether or not you had that particular mode turned on or off.

The November security patch for the Pixel smartphone is just supposed to bring the usual monthly update that Google brings to make our phones more secure. But this time around it brought a “surprise” that is not really a welcome one. When you’re trying to save up on your phone’s power, one option (aside from not using it) is to turn on the Battery Saver mode. But it looks like doing that will also automatically turn on your Night Mode.

It makes sense given that the regular mode takes up a lot of white space and therefore will consume more power. So Night Mode will help your Battery Saver mode. But in cases where you prefer to not have the Night Mode on, that can be kind of annoying. And even when you set this mode to Always Off, it will actually override the command and still turn it on.

You can actually manually turn it off if you don’t want the Night Mode on. But the next time you turn on your Battery Saver mode, it will once again switch to Night Mode on even if you previously set it to Always Off. There are even some users who say that as soon as it becomes night, their phone also switches to Night Mode. However, it doesn’t seem to be affecting all the users as of now.

Hopefully this is just a bug that came with the November security patch and that it will soon be resolved with the next update for Pixel devices.

VIA: Android Police

via Android Community

November 14, 2018 at 10:32PM