Pay what you want for top flight Amazon Web Services training [DEALS]


Cloud computing is the wave of the future. If you want a career in a technical field, then you’ll need to know how this specialized system works. Don’t have the time or cash to head back to class? Conveniently learn from home and save hundreds with the Pay What You Want: AWS Cloud Development Bundle. This package, which is valued at $1029, includes twelve courses that can turn virtually anyone into a cloud computing professional. Best of all, you choose how much you spend on this training.

Here’s how it works: Decide how much this package is worth to you. If you spend more than the average price, you’ll get the entire twelve-course bundle for that amount. If the average price is a little higher than you want to spend, just enter any amount under that threshold — even as low as $1 — and receive a portion of the bundle for that figure. Either way, you’re going to spend just pennies on the dollar for top-flight training that could pay dividends for years to come.

Increase your chances at a career in one of the most lucrative markets in the tech industry with this Pay What You Want: AWS Cloud Development Bundle, only here at Android Community Deals.

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June 7, 2018 at 08:04AM