Parrot updates FreeFlight Pro app, now edits your drone footage


FreeFlight Pro is the official piloting app for Parrot Drones, and the company has recently updated the app so that it can now edit your footage. We know that drone videos can be spectacular, but it is the editing that usually takes up a huge amount of time and effort. Parrot is trying to make it better for drone video enthusiasts so that they spend less time trying to get which parts of the video are watchable.

Parrot is now adding the Flight Director feature to its FreeFlight Pro mobile app, and it automatically edits your drone footage. The secret? Algorithms, of course. The Flight Director feature is programmed to study the drone’s behavior and produce videos up to 3 minutes in length based on specific criteria – this includes style, pre-made themes, and other existing footage.

The free version of the app will create 15-second “best of” clips for free, but users will need to pay for the premium version to unlock the app’s full potential. The in-app purchase will cost you, but it should be handy for drone enthusiasts who create huge amounts of drone video content.

Of course, you will need a Parrot Drone to make this all work – a Bebop 1, 2, or Power drone will fit the job. If you own a Parrot Drone, this update and new feature may be worth looking at.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

via Android Community

February 27, 2018 at 11:15AM