Pandora Premium now available on Android TV


If your living room (or multi-media room or mancave or whatever you call it) has an awesome sound system attached to your Android TV-powered home theater system, having the right kind of music to chill out to in between video watching is pretty important. If you’re a Pandora Premium subscriber, or if you want to be, the good news is that it is now available on Android TV. Previously, only the free version of Pandora was available on Android TV and it wasn’t really that great compared to other music streaming apps available on the platform.

But now, Pandora Premium is here to save the day. Well, to save the day for those who are long-time users or thinking of switching to Pandora at least. Now you will be able to choose the song, album, artist or playlist that you want blasting out of your speakers. There are also no ads to interrupt your listening party and in fact, you can enable Autoplay so that the music will not end. It will continue to play similar music after your album or playlist has run its course.

You also have a personalized My Thumbs Up playlist featuring all of the songs that you obviously thumbs-upped when you encountered it on Pandora. This is helpful for those who easily forget the title of the song that they were raving over. You can also use Google Assistant to look for the songs or albums that you want to play through your Android TV app.

If you aren’t a Pandora Premium subscriber yet, you can try it out with a 30-day free trial so you can see the difference between the free version and the $9.99 per month subscription. And if you have both Pandora Premium and Android TV, check it out.

SOURCE: Pandora

via Android Community

December 22, 2017 at 01:02AM