Pandora on Sonos gives you control over your music


If you have Sonos speakers at home and if you’re a Pandora user (or you plan to be one), the two are brands are partnering to give you a seamless and intuitive music listening experience through a brand new, redesigned app, simply called Pandora on Sonos. Whether you’re using the music streaming app for free or if you’re subscribed to it or you want to try it out on a free trial, controlling your music throughout your house with your Sonos speakers is now more convenient.

You will be able to listen to your music whether through your redesigned Pandora app on your smartphone or by telling Alexa (but of course connect it to your Sonos first) to play your default Pandora station through voice control. You can also group and ungroup your speakers so that your station can play all throughout your house as you move from one room to another when you do your chores.

If you have guests over and you trust their musical tastes, you can also let them play their music from the Pandora app, as long as they connect to your home WiFi. With the app, you can also adjust the volume, skip tracks (if you’re on the Plus service), and basically just fill your house with the music that you enjoy.

Pandora has three tiers which you can all enjoy on your Sonos speakers: free (with limited skips available), Plus where you enjoy the aforementioned unlimited skips without ads, and Premium where you get to pick an album, listen to curated playlists, or make your own. Sonos users can also enjoy a free 60-day trial of the Premium service.

SOURCE: Pandora

via Android Community

November 15, 2017 at 08:24AM