Outlook Calendar, Mail gets new features to make productivity easier


Outlook has actually been a pretty good productivity tool when it comes to email, calendar, contacts, etc. And the latest round of updates makes it even easier for you to coordinate personal and work-related things especially if you deal with a lot of schedules and meetings. However not all updates arrive at all platforms all at the same time, so some may only be coming soon to your Android mobile device. Cross-platform features and updates are pretty important especially if you work with a lot of devices.

Outlook Calendar will now be able to include bill pay reminders on your schedule so you’ll hopefully be able to settle your bills on time and avoid penalties or disconnection. It will identify bills you receive in the email and then show a summary at the top of your calendar. It will add an event on the due date and two days before it is due, you’ll receive an email reminder. If you’re using Outlook for Windows, you’ll now get easier suggestions for meeting locations by autocompleting its suggestions. It will suggest the most common locations you use and for public locations, the rich location feature will add the full address to your event.

Tracking the RSVPs in your meetings is now easier as you will be able to see who will be attending, even if you didn’t create the event itself. If you yourself made the event and you need to keep a tight lid on the number of attendees, you can check or uncheck the Allow Forwarding option in the Response Options section. As for Outlook mail, it now supports companies that use SOCKS proxies to protect your company data.

There will be features coming soon to Android. This includes syncing draft folders across devices and platforms, support for Office Lens technology, quick reply (Gmail users are familiar with this), adding people to a favorites list, and blocking external content if needed. Most of these features will be coming to Android this summer.

SOURCE: Microsoft

via Android Community

April 30, 2018 at 11:06PM