Oppo confirms plans to enter UK market, but will it launch the Find X there?

  • An Oppo spokesperson has confirmed the company plans to enter the U.K. market.
  • Oppo recently applied for trademarks on 40 devices there, but we don’t know which phones it plans to sell in the region.
  • If Oppo makes its move soon, however, you could see the Oppo Find X arrive there.

Chinese smartphone maker Oppo has confirmed plans to enter the U.K. market. An Oppo spokesperson informed TechRadar of the moves following a report LetsGoDigital published yesterday regarding recent Oppo trademark applications.

LetsGoDigital unearthed applications for 40 mobile devices Oppo is apparently seeking to register in the U.K. The Oppo spokesperson confirmed the company does indeed plan to launch phones in region, but said it, “[doesn’t] have any information or timescale to share on the U.K. at this moment.”

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As for which phones Oppo intends to release in the U.K., we can only speculate. The firm filed trademarks for many unannounced devices in its A, F, and R series, as well as a mysterious U series that we’ve yet to come across. If it enters the market this year, it’s likely to head in with some current gen products like the Oppo R15 Pro and the innovative Oppo Find X.

The news isn’t completely unexpected as Oppo has been heading into several European markets recently, but it’s nonetheless exciting times for U.K. Oppo and Android fans: no more paying for expensive imports or warranty-less, resold phones just to own an Oppo handset.

Current estimates suggest Oppo is the fifth biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world behind Samsung, Apple, Huawei, and Xiaomi.

via Android Authority

July 13, 2018 at 06:00AM