Oppo adds an Apple AirPods competitor into the ring with O-Free


An image of the Oppo O-Free headphones case, with another case opened next to it. The Verge

When Apple announced its AirPods wireless headphones, the design was met with derision from the general populace. But now, here we are, with multiple companies releasing their answer to the funky, completely wireless ear inserts.

We can now add Oppo to that list, as the company is releasing the Oppo O-Free headphones in China this coming August, per The Verge.

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The O-Free headphones deviate a bit from Apple’s AirPods design by being much more of an insertable headset. AirPods don’t do much more than sit on the outside of your ear, whereas the O-Free set go deeper into your ear canal. This should help them stay in better and also deliver richer sound.

Oppo built the O-Free on the Qualcomm QCC3026 chipset, which is designed specifically to help manufacturers create truly wireless headphones more efficiently and at a lower cost.

A silhouette image of a woman wearing the Oppo O-Free headphones in her left ear. The Verge

Oppo says the O-Free will offer four hours of music per charge. The case, as pictured at the top of this article, can recharge the headphones up to three times, which gives you a total of 16 hours of play time before you’ll need to find a wall outlet.

The O-Free will come in the red option shown above, as well as a blue option. This matches the Oppo Find X smartphone’s color options, of which these headphones are meant to pair.

Speaking of the Oppo Find X, you’ll get a free pair of O-Frees when you buy the Lamborghini edition of the upcoming all-screen device. However, that nearly-$2,000 smartphone doesn’t have a release date yet.

Oppo says the O-Free headphones will retail for 699 Chinese yuan (~$106). It is not known whether the O-Frees will see release outside of China.

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June 29, 2018 at 08:40AM