OnePlus finally buys, holds a giveaway to celebrate for some reason


  • After almost five years of using the domain, OnePlus announced it switched over to the domain.
  • To celebrate, OnePlus has a giveaway that nets winners some goodies.
  • The domain name itself has had quite a history.

For almost five years, folks visiting OnePlus’ official website have actually been going to a .net domain (the horror). That is no longer the case, as OnePlus finally acquired the domain name it probably should have had ages ago.

And OnePlus thought this was a significant-enough milestone to warrant a giveaway.

Anyone who visits the announcement thread in the company’s forums can share a recent major life milestone. OnePlus will then randomly select five winners, who will receive a OnePlus Backpack and limited-edition notebook. You have until April 13 at 10:00 p.m. CET to submit your milestone and OnePlus will then announce the winners by April 20.

The domain has an interesting history that dates back to the pre-dotcom bubble era. Looking up the details on Wayback MachineAndroid Police found that the domain was created in 1999 by telecommunications company Net-Tel. The company directly competed with AT&T, MCI, and Sprint, also known as the “big three” at the time.

Ownership of the domain then transferred to OnePlus Systems in 2002. According to the company’s website, OnePlus Systems provides other companies with waste management solutions to make waste hauling more cost-efficient.

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Funny enough, OnePlus Systems used the domain to redirect people to its main domain.

OnePlus then scooped up the domain almost four weeks ago. The company did not stop there, as the previous domain that it used in India now redirects to the domain.

For those wanting to buy the old and busted domain, tough cookies: OnePlus still uses it to redirect folks to the domain.

via Android Authority

April 10, 2018 at 03:25AM