OnePlus celebrates 4 years of never settling, in style


How far has OnePlus come? Pretty far along, it would seem. It was four years ago when they launched the OnePlus One as a way to challenge the top manufacturers and showed the world that a device with flagship specs could be had for half the price. From then until now, the China-based company has done pretty well, and they’re pretty hyped about their 4th anniversary.

In honor of this occasion, OnePlus is having a week-long celebration with a lot of prizes and goodies for fans. There’s even an exclusive accessory bundle that users can get, along with other special offers available on their web store. If you’re a OnePlus device user, check out the source link below for some great deals.

Also starting on December 17th, OnePlus will unveil a documentary that tells the story of the company. The preview of the documentary is the video above. Apart from that, participants can win a variety of OnePlus accessories, including the company’s popular travel backpack. There’s also a mystery prize pack that is rumored to include a special edition OnePlus 5T.

So if you want to take part in this celebration, check out the link below to see what goodies are available for you. Happy 4th, OnePlus, and may you continue to challenge the status quo by putting out devices that show what can be done with a whole lot of love for consumers.


via Android Community

December 13, 2017 at 09:03AM