OnePlus 6T subject of an early, exclusive video preview


The OnePlus 6T is arriving today but over the weekend, YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss got to take the new smartphone for a spin at the Chinese OEM’s headquarters. Arun Maini, one of the popular Tech Youtuber in the UK, was invited by OnePlus. He was given a OnePlus 6T unit to try. He isn’t showing off the phone in full yet but we’ve got a glimpse of the company’s office in China. We’ll get to see how “cool” it is inside.

At the OnePlus headquarters, you will see numerous OnePlus products from satchels to reusable cans. We’re not sure if they are up for sale but perhaps they can be considered as collectibles or novelty items. Every OnePlus phone model in every material are displayed, as well as, prototypes. Other color options of OnePlus phones have been spotted: from dark purple to black Twilight, silver and red, red and black, and the super glossy sunset gradient. These colors are prototypes only. This means there may be colors that will not be released or may not reach the market. (See image above.)

The whole office was busy with preps for the OnePlus 6T launch which is happening today. If you may remember, OnePlus moved the launch from October 30 to the 29th instead because it doesn’t want to compete with Apple as it is also making a big announcement on the 30th. We’re excited to test the in-display fingerprint sensor, triple rear cameras, and a waterdrop notch.

Arun got to test the OnePlus 6T and was able to interview a OnePlus exec. Full details can’t be disclosed yet but here is a summary:

Q: What was the vision with the 6T? What problem was OnePlus trying to solve?
A: With the 6T, the company has tried to build a phone that is: 1.) Intuitive 2.) Even faster than before and 3.) Is as stress-free as possible.

Q: Why make a T device? Why create 2 flagship phones per year?
A: OnePlus doesn’t commit to making a T device. They only do it if they can improve the experience enough and just the speed that tech is moving right now really helps the company because new components are constantly being developed while existing tech can become more affordable.

Q: The OnePlus 6 is already so fast, how are you going to take it further?
A: The focus of OnePlus has always been—how can we make the experience the best? For example, some cameras have hundreds of settings but all you want is the perfect picture so we’ve worked on that. Or you’re a big gaming fan so we’ve made some tweaks to make your life better. Even our screen unlock, we’ve tuned it to be the best in the industry.

Watch the full video below:

via Android Community

October 29, 2018 at 12:45AM