OnePlus 5T to reportedly launch White Sandstone variant on Jan 5


If you didn’t live in India and you were wishing that OnePlus would launch the Star Wars variant of their OnePlus 5T in your region, you got at least half of your wish. Well, that is, if you live in China. The OEM released a “mysterious” teaser on Weibo, saying that they will be launching a new color variant for the 5T this coming January 5. A lot of people are speculating that the color will be White Sandstone, similar to the Star Wars edition released in India, and also because of the poster itself.

Earlier this week, OnePlus actually released a video showing random people touching a device inside a box without seeing what it actually was. The “What’s In A Box” video, where people said it was “smooth”, “grippy”, and “like a stone” apparently served as a teaser to the teaser poster which was released on Weibo today. The color of the poster itself supposedly indicates that almost everyone is correct in assuming that it will be White Sandstone.

The Star Wars variant of the OnePlus 5T had a White Sandstone back panel, which was representative of the salt plains of the planet Crait in the Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. And since this version wasn’t actually released in China for some reason, now is the time to have one in the region, even if it’s just the same color.

The OnePlus 5T whatever color variant it will be, will have the same specs as the original. We’ll wait a few more days to see if the most common guess is the correct one.

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January 2, 2018 at 12:43PM