olloclip now has a multi-device clip to use on leading smartphones


For those who are serious with their smartphone photography, sometimes using lens that can be attached to your device is necessary, just like some DSLR photographers use lenses on their cameras as well. olloclip is a brand that provides clips for lenses so you can use it for your mobile device. Now they are releasing a Multi-Device clip with an expanding clip design and it comes in various options depending on what kind of image or video you want to capture on your phone.

Aside from the fact that it is compatible with most of the leading smartphones in the market, the clip can also work on devices that have screen protectors and smartphone cases up to 12mm in combined thickness. Just like its other products, you don’t need any other additional accessory to make it work and it’s portable enough that you can bring it wherever you’re going. You can also switch it from the rear and front cameras easily so that’s pretty useful.

You can also pair these Multi-Device Clips with the recently launched Connect X interchangeable lenses. Originally, it was meant for the iPhone X system but now you can use it on other device with this clip. There are several kinds of lenses depending on what you will need it for.

You have the Super-Wide which gives you more than 120-degree visibility, Ultra-Wide which has a 155-degree action camera field-of-view, Telephoto which gives you 2x optical zoom, Fisheye and Macro which has a 180-degree wide-angle effect, and other Macro lenses to get more details beyond the naked eye. All of these will supposedly work with the olloclip Multi-Device Clips.

This will be available with any of the Connect X lenses this mid-September and price starts at $59.99. You can also purchase other lenses starting at $44.99. And if you already have Connect X lenses, you can also purchase the clip on its own.

SOURCE: olloclip

via Android Community

August 31, 2018 at 12:32PM