Old School RuneScape now available for Android devices


Old school sometimes means antiquated and old fashioned but nowadays, it also stands for nostalgia and harkening back to the days of old. Well 2001 and 2007 aren’t really that ancient but the appeal of a game like RuneScape, one of the oldest MMORPG games around, as an old school game is still strong. Now we finally have the Old School RuneScape (yes, old school is actually in the name) available for Android devices so you can play the “classic” game to your heart’s content when you’re on the go.

RuneScape was originally launched back in 2001 but its 2007 form is still being played by classic RPG gamers until today. A few years ago, 2013 in fact, they launched the new but still old version but it was only for PCs. It wasn’t able to translate into smartphones and tablets since the requirements for its operation is way below than what we use for our mobile devices.

But now it looks like the developer has been able to create a version that gamers can access on their smartphones or tablets while still maintaining the old school format (after all, it’s in the name). It still has the same format and probably the same characters and you can now play it across devices and formats as well.

You can play the game for free but you can also subscribe to a monthly fee and have access to a map that is three times bigger than the free version. You will also get 8 additional skills, a lot of quests, 400 extra bank account slots and “some other stuff”.

You can download Old School RuneScape from the Google Play Store. It will run on devices on Android 5.0 and above.

SOURCE: Runescape

via Android Community

October 30, 2018 at 05:11PM