NVIDIA SHIELD TV is getting Nintendo Wii games in China


Good news for those in China waiting for the NVIDIA Shield TV. Your agony will be over soon as the gaming and media device is arriving in Mainland China. The NVIDIA SHIELD is said to be sold for only $226 (RMB 1499) which is roughly the amount of a new mid-range phone from any top OEM today. As with the international edition of the Shield, it can run some of the more popular PC games and Nintendo Wii games. Feel free to enjoy Punch Out, Twilight Princess, or Mario Galaxy on the SHIELD.

No official confirmation has been made but NVIDIA and Nintendo are said to be partnering to work on a number of Wii and Gamecube games and then run them on the Shield. Some of the more popular games that can be played in China include the classic Zelda and Super Mario Bros. You can play them in 1080p too. As for the Super Mario Galaxy, it will be ready soon although there is no timeline provided.

The NVIDIA SHIELD is a bit different from the version sold in the United States. The difference isn’t much on the hardware though but on the software and AI–Baidu’s voice assistant.

We’re crossing our fingers this will be the start of the device’s expansion and wider reach. Hopefully, more games and titles for the Shield TV.

VIA: Engadget

via Android Community

December 5, 2017 at 03:04PM