Now you can add friends to an ongoing video chat in Facebook Messenger


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  • A new feature in Facebook Messenger enables you to add a friend to an ongoing group video call.
  • Previously, you would have had to hang up on the call, add the friend, and then reconnect.
  • This is a new feature in the app, which is odd as Facebook has committed to paring down the app, not adding to it.

If you’ve ever used Facebook Messenger for a group video chat, you may have come across a slight issue: if you want to add a new person to an ongoing chat, you have to hang up on everyone and then reconnect after adding the new member. Not exactly the most elegant solution.

Facebook has thankfully solved this issue with a new feature rolling out today to Android and iOS users of the Facebook Messenger app. Now, when you’re in a video chat and want to add a new member to the call, you just click the new Add Person icon. Assuming the friend is available to accept the invitation, they will be added instantly to the chat, no hanging up necessary.

What’s more, when you eventually do hang up the call, a group text chat in Messenger is automatically created with all the members of the original call.

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Facebook adding a new feature to the already-bloated Messenger app is quite perplexing, as the company itself admits that it needs to streamline the service. However, this new feature seems like it will be incredibly useful, so it can be forgiven for that. But so far, the only feature Facebook has removed from Messenger to make the app lighter and easier to use is Facebook M, and most people didn’t even know it existed.

Facebook did introduce a new version of Messenger directed towards children, called Messenger Kids. While the app has proven to be quite popular, it’s not without its share of detractors in the form of child advocacy groups intent on keeping kids away from technology that could put them in danger.

If Facebook really wants to make people happy, it should merely integrate Messenger into the regular Facebook app. Why are there two apps? Come on, Facebook.

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February 21, 2018 at 01:29PM