Noodlecake Studios gives you holiday cheer with discounted games


Noodlecake Studios is one of the more popular game developers and publishers out there, and for good reason. They consistently churn out great games that you and I enjoy. And on certain occasions, they even give us a treat, like cutting down the prices of their premium games to USD$0.99. You heard us right. Check this out.

Noodlecake has brought us a lot of great games in the past few years, as well as some delightful ports to Android. Two of these are the legendary point-and-click games Myst and Riven. These were fan favorites on the PCF platform, and Noodlecake has brought these to Android. Click on the links above to see that these games, normally priced from 5 to 7 dollars, can now be yours for USD$0.99.

Here are other titles from Noodlecake that are on discounted pricing:

Alto’s Adventure TV (Android TV)
The Bug Butcher
Wayward Souls
Death Road to Canada
The Beggar’s Ride

So if you’re looking for premium games to play over the holidays, give these titles a look. I’m sure you’ll find one that’s to your liking, and the price cut is just cherry on top.

via Android Community

December 20, 2017 at 11:04AM