Nike’s Adapt BB bball shoes ties its own laces, adapts to your preferences


Self-lacing shoes don’t just belong in futuristic, sci-fi movies and shows now. We actually now have a new one from Nike and it looks like basketball players are the first to enjoy this technology on their feet. The Adapt BB is the brand’s first self-lacing basketball shoes that will be able to give a “truly customized fit” for athletes playing the sport professionally or even just casually. Using the FitAdapt technology, you’ll be able to adjust the shoes manually or with their smartphone app.

The Adapt BB basketball shoes feature the Nike Adapt platform which has an advanced power-lacing system, an app to help you control it, and firmware that will be continually updated. When the player wears the shoes, a custom motor and gear train adjusts accordingly so that the foot will remain snug while they’re doing their warmups or playing the game already.

The FitAdapt tech kicks in either through manual touch or through the Nike Adapt app on the user’s smartphone. The player can also input the different settings that they prefer depending on the “different moments of a game”. There can be different settings for warm-ups, timeouts, and during the game itself. The strength of the underfoot lacing can pull 32 pounds of force which is roughly equivalent to a standard parachute cord.

You will of course need to charge the shoes since it runs on tech. It can last up to 14 days on a full charge and it will take 3 hours to power it up on a Qi wireless charging mat that comes with the shoes. Since it will have future firmware updates, this means it will have future features added as well.

The Nike Adapt BB basketball shoes will be available this February and will cost you around $350. This is a far cry from the $65,000 limited-edition Back to the Future Air Mag that went on sale a few years ago. Hopefully they will also be able to adapt it to different kinds of shoes, like for running or football, etc.


via Android Community

January 16, 2019 at 06:01AM