New Verizon unlimited plan costs $95 a month and gives you 75GB of LTE data


  • Verizon Wireless is making some changes to its unlimited plans beginning June 18.
  • It will allow family members to each have a different unlimited plan under one account.
  • It will also launch a third plan, Above Unlimited, that will support 75GB of monthly LTE data.

Verizon Wireless brought back its unlimited plans in early 2017, and today it announced the biggest shakeup for those plans since that decision. Verizon now has three “unlimited” plans, and will also allow customers with family or friends on one account to each sign up for different tiers.

Verizon already had two different unlimited plans before today’s reveal. The first, Go Unlimited, costs $75 a month for one line (if Auto Pay is included), and offers unlimited LTE data, but speeds could slow down “in times of congestion,” along with 480p video streaming and 600Kbps speeds for mobile hotspots. The second plan, Beyond Unlimited, costs $85 a month for one line, and only slows down LTE speeds if you use over 22GB of data a month. It also boosts the video streams to 720p and offers 15GB of LTE data per month for mobile hotspots.

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Beginning Monday, June 18, the third plan, Above Unlimited, launches for $95 a month for one line. It will offer customers up to 75GB of data at LTE speeds per month, along with 720p video streaming, and 20GB of mobile hotspot LTE data. In addition, it will include 500GB of storage from Verizon’s cloud service and five Travel Passes per month. Each daily Travel Pass allows travelers going to 130 countries to take their domestic talk, text, and data allowances with them. All three unlimited plans also support free talk, texting and data from Mexico and Canada. All three plans also offer discounts if customers pay for more than one line.

The 75GB monthly data limit until speed congestion kicks in for Verizon’s Above Unlimited is higher than T-Mobile’s limit of 50GB for its unlimited plans, although you are paying a higher price for all that extra data.

The other major change that’s arriving on June 18 will allow families to mix and match different unlimited plans under one account. This means kids can be signed up for the cheaper Go Unlimited plan, while their parents can access the more expensive Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited plans — all under one account.

What do you think of Verizon’s new Above Unlimited plans? Are you signing up?

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June 14, 2018 at 06:47AM