New Redmi phone with big battery appears online: Is it the Redmi 8?


A Redmi phone, presumably the Redmi 8, on TENAA. TENAA

Xiaomi’s Redmi phones are arguably the best budget phones each year, and it looks like we can expect another entry in 2019.

A new Redmi device (model number M1908C3IC or M1908C3IG) has swung by the FCC and China’s TENAA body, but it’s the latter listing that gives us all the details. The images show a phone with what appears to be a notch, as well as a dual rear-camera setup, rear fingerprint scanner, and Redmi branding.

TENAA’s filing also reveals loads of specs, including a 2Ghz octa-core chipset, 2GB to 4GB of RAM, 16GB to 64GB of expandable storage, and a 6.2-inch LCD screen (1,520 x 720). Camera-related specs include a 12MP primary camera, and an 8MP selfie shooter.

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Arguably the standout feature though is the 5,000mAh battery, making it much bigger than literally every Xiaomi phone released in 2019. This capacity theoretically means that two days of moderate to heavy usage is possible.

Other specs listed on TENAA include Android Pie, a headphone jack, and fast charging (no speed was specified).

Aside from the battery, these core specs suggest that we’re looking at a low-end Xiaomi phone such as the Redmi 8. But Xiaomi has launched low-end Note models before, such as the Redmi Note 5A. In any event, you should expect a cheap device with plenty of stamina on paper.

via Android Authority

August 18, 2019 at 10:18PM