Motorola’s Cyber Monday deals brings up to $100 off off on selected gadgets


And you thought you already got away from the very tempting Black Friday deals? Well in a few hours or so, get ready to be bombarded by Cyber Monday deals from various brands and OEMs, most of them offering even better deals than last week’s sales. For those thinking of getting a Motorola device, get ready with your credit card as their grand online sale is about to kick off, giving you up to $100 off various smartphones and also moto mods for your Moto Z devices.

There are tons of options that you can choose from with their Cyber Monday deals. If you want a Moto Z2 Play (unlocked ), you can get it for just $399.99 during this period. The unlocked Moto Z is also priced at $399.99. That’s a huge $100 off either devices. The Moto g5s Plus (64GB variant) is now only $274.99 while the Moto g5 Plus will be at $154.99 with both getting $75 off their original prices. You’ll get $60 off the Moto x4 and $30 off the Moto g5 Plus (32GB) and the Moto e4 Plus (unlocked 32GB).

If you already have a Moto Z smartphone and you’d like to get some more Moto Mods to help you along, you’ll also be able to get 25% off during the Cyber Monday period. Some new ones that you might want to get are the Polaroid Insta-Share Printer ($199.99), the moto smart speaker with support for Amazon Alexa ($149.99), the moto 360 camera ($299.99), and the moto gamepad ($79.99). All prices indicated are SRP.

The Cyber Monday sale over at is due to start any hour now so better get ready to swipe and type if you want to get any of those devices mentioned.

SOURCE: Motorola

via Android Community

November 26, 2017 at 06:33PM