mophie juice pack for Galaxy Note 9 now available for $99.95


While the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 already has a pretty good battery life at 4000mAh, they say that it will only last you a day, maybe even less if you’re a heavy user. That’s because its QHD+ display resolution drains your phone’s power faster than other displays. Good thing you finally have products like the mope juice pack which will not just serve as your Note 9’s case but also juice it up when your battery is threatening to run out.

The juice pack made specifically for the Galaxy Note 9 has a 2525mAh battery that should be able to extend your phone’s battery life up to 38 hours. It is also a case that should be able to provide protection for your phone, with raised corners to help protect from scratched and cracked screens and a microsuede interior to avoid scratches and minimize impact damage. The case is also pretty slim so you won’t have to carry a bulky phone encased in a battery pack.

It is compatible with other Qi wireless systems and mophie’s own charging pads so you can wirelessly charge it at home or in an airport, cafe, etc. It will also maintain your phone’s wireless charging functionality. It uses pass-through technology so your phone’s battery will always charge first and then your case afterwards. You can turn the battery pack on and off with the LED Status Indicator button. If you momentarily press it, it will also display the battery level or charge status.

While this battery pack is indeed thinner and looks more “elegant” and is not so inconvenient for carrying around, something had to be sacrificed and that’s the battery capacity. But still, 50% more battery plus protection for your device plus a thinner case sounds like a pretty good deal.

The mophie juice pack for the Galaxy Note 9 is now available for purchase on their website. It costs $99.95 just like their other previous juice packs.

SOURCE: mophie

via Android Community

November 8, 2018 at 03:30PM