Mophie Charge Steam Pad+ brings 10W of wireless charging power


If your smartphone supports wireless charging and you’re in the market for a new, reliable charging pad, popular brand Mophie has just released a new higher-power version of their well-reviewed product. The Charge Steam Pad+ looks almost the same as the previous iteration of this accessory, but instead of just having 7.5W fast charge, you now get up to 10W which should make a huge difference especially if you need to juice up your compatible device in a hurry.

The charging pad still uses the Qi wireless power standard but giving your smartphone more charging power up to 10W. It will automatically adjust the power it’s delivering, depending on what your device supports. Newer smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S9 can support up to 9W fast charging so placing it on top of this pad should charge it up faster than just charging it normally. And even if you have a case or shell up to 3mm thick, it will still juice it up. It should also work whatever angle you place it.

The charging pad also has a rubberized top pad so that it will prevent your glass-backed device from slipping off and at the same time, protect the charger itself. It also has foreign object detection so it won’t be damaged when you accidentally place something else on the pad. It has a Quick Charge 2.0 charger and a 5-foot micro USB cable for the pad’s charging needs.

The Mophie Charge Steam Pad+ is now available for $59.95. But if you want something a bit cheaper and your smartphone supports 7.5W charging, you can still get the Wireless Charging Base for only $49.95.

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April 6, 2018 at 04:49PM