Monument Valley now available for free download in selected regions


Monument Valley is one of the most popular and critically-acclaimed mobile games out there. But if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t really like paying for games or the $3.99 price tag seems a bit “excessive” for you, then you’ve probably not played it yet, although you really want to. Now is your chance to download and play it as it seems like it’s available for free in some regions. There is no official announcement yet from the developers, but countries like Brazil, Russia, and Hong Kong can now get it for free.

If you’re not familiar with Monument Valley, it’s a perspective-bending puzzle game that is sort of minimalist but also has an impressive design. The main point is to move your character to the exit, but as simple as that sounds, it isn’t really easy. You have to spin and manipulate the environment to do so, and it takes a certain understanding of puzzles and physics to be able to do so. Monument Valley 2 was launched last year, but it looks like it’s not being offered for free this time, just the original so you still have to pay $4.99 for it.

So far, these territories can download the game for free: India, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Indonesia, Taiwan, Serbia, Argentina, Macedonia, and Hong Kong. But in the US, Canada, Australia, many of the European and South American countries, Korea, and Japan, it still carries the price tag of $3.99 and its equivalent. No news if it will eventually rollout as free in those countries.

To check if you can get it for free, just go to the Google Play page of the game to see for yourself. You can also let us know so we can add to the list of countries. We also don’t know if this is just a temporary thing so download it already if you can.

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January 2, 2018 at 04:02PM