Moment launches better, more expensive 58mm telephoto smartphone lens


If you take your mobile photography seriously, you may have already tried adding external lenses to your smartphone’s built-in camera. Moment is one brand that specializes in these kinds of lenses and they’re now releasing a new 58mm telephoto lens that gives you better magnification and crisper images. However, it is also slightly more expensive than the previouselephone lens that they have been selling. The price bump is of course understandable if not that welcome, as they are offering something better.

The revamped telephoto lens now offers up to 4x magnification, which of course depends on the device you’re using it with. It now has a 58mm focal length instead of the previous 60mm. They are marketing the lens as the ideal length for “capturing faces in compelling and flattering compositions.” The lens has a 2x zoom on its own which translates to a traditional 100mm lens so if you use it on a smartphone that has a 2x telephoto camera, then that will result in a 4x zoom or equivalent to a 200mm zoom lens.

For the first time also, a Moment lens is made up of six glass elements with a <1px lateral chromatic aberration at the edge. It also has a multi-layer, low flare anti-reflection coating. It weighs just 2.6 ounces so it won’t be too much of a burden for your smartphone although it might still be weird to have a lens sticking out of your phone if you’re not that used to it. But having a lens like this to magnify the images or video that you’re taking should be a big help in certain situations.

One problem that Moment users may have a problem with this new telephoto lens is that it is not compatible with the Original Photo Case or mounting system that they previously offered. So you will have to replace it with a new Photo Case or Battery Photo Case to be able to use it with your smartphone. But if you have the correct photo case you will be able to use it with even the newest devices like the Galaxy flagship devices from Samsung or the Google Pixel 3.

The Moment 58mm telephoto lens is $10 more expensive than the original telephoto lens so you will have to shell out $99.99 for it. A new photo case will go for around $23.99 each. For a limited period, the lens will just be priced at $79.99 so if you’re determined to have it, better buy it now. The device has started shipping already.

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November 14, 2018 at 01:04PM