Microsoft Edge sheds its beta status, is now available for all to download


There are plenty of browsers available on Android, but Microsoft Edge was surprisingly announced for the platform back in October. Since then, the app has existed as a preview version, but it appears that it has shed its beta tag and is now available for all to download.

Much like its Windows 10 counterpart, Edge for Android incorporates features like Favorites, Reading List, New Tab Page, and Reading View, the latter of which removes the clutter and leaves images and the text to speak for themselves. Edge for Android also features “Continue on PC,” which lets you pick up where you left off on your Windows 10 version of the browser, as well as a QR code scanner that avoids the need to download a separate app.

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Personally, I’ve found Edge for Android to be very snappy, which is thanks to its use of Chrome’s Blink engine. I miss having extension support, but its performance, as well as its impressive feature set, won me over and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a browser on Android.

As is the case with the upcoming Photos Companion app, Edge for Android represents another effort on Microsoft’s part to execute on its wider mobile strategy to offer as many of its services as possible on mobile. With Edge in particular, the browser is also available on iOS, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10, and even the Xbox One, though it is still MIA on Mac OS.

Whether Edge for Android is a better option than Google’s own Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox, and Opera is something you can find out for yourself by giving Microsoft’s browser a download through the Play Store at the link below.

via Android Authority

November 29, 2017 at 10:33AM