Microsoft brings Your Phone live, gives updates to several apps


While the focus of the recently concluded Microsoft event was, of course, the newly-announced Surface devices, they also brought some interesting news, software-wise. We’re seeing several cross-platform compatibility between your Android phone and your Windows PC through new apps like Timeline and the much-awaited Your Phone. We’re also seeing some updates to already existing apps like Outlook, Microsoft Launcher, Microsoft Office, to make life, particularly productivity, a bit easier. If you’re still a fan of Microsoft, then you should pay close attention to these new developments.

We’ve been hearing about Your Phone for a bit now and finally, it’s going live. The app lets you work seamlessly across your Android smartphone and then your Windows 10 PC. You can access and respond to text messages on both devices. You can also access your most recent photos on your phone through your PC and then drag and drop it for certain PC apps. Eventually, Your Phone will also support screen mirroring between the two devices so that’s something to look forward to.

Windows Timeline is an app that Windows 10 users are all too familiar with. It lets you look back on files and websites that you previously used in case you forgot you were supposed to do something or you weren’t able to bookmark that site you were browsing. Now you will also be able to use it on your Android phone so you’ll be able to access your Timeline across devices.

If you’re a fan of the To-Do app, you’ll be happy to know you can now integrate it with your You can drag an item to your calendar so you can block off the time to do it. If you receive an email with a task, you can also drag it to To-Do to create a new task and then drag it to your calendar to add the task. To-Do is also now integrated with Skype. You can create a task based on the message and it will be available in both Skype and To-Do.

Family Safety has now launched on Microsoft Launcher so parents can keep an eye on their kids’ app activity and even location. Inking on both Microsoft Word and PowerPoint has also been added so using your digital pen on your touch device can be easier. You can also now embed 3D animations in both Office apps “to bring your projects to life.”

SOURCE: Microsoft

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October 3, 2018 at 05:50PM