Microsoft Azure mobile app now ready for Android


If you’ve been using Azure by Microsoft for quite some time, know the mobile app now lets you enjoy and access most Azure resources. The app allows you to be connected and have access to some resources that may be otherwise restricted. You may need to be updated with all the alerts and notifications though so make sure you always check Azure. It’s now available for more people who always want to keep their favorite tabs. Azure is like a dashboard that lets ordinary people manage their jobs. The illustration perfectly demonstrates how a working person has to endure those things.

The Azure mobile app is always secure and private. Fingerprint scanning and recognition are definitely part of the mobile guarantee. To be sure, that’s the Touch ID of Face ID. The recent development also delivers the Cloud Shell integration and adds the option to choose between Bash and the PowerShell.

The Azure mobile app is ready not just for Android but it’s also ready to be downloaded by iOS. Fixing issues and quick actions to troubleshoot are ready to be done. Stay in control with those quick actions to troubleshoot and resolve issues, enhanced security, and Cloud Shell integration.

SOURCE: Microsoft

via Android Community

May 8, 2018 at 11:43PM