Messenger Lite update brings animated GIFs, sharing, customization


The lite version of apps are usually very much welcome for those who have limited space on their smartphones and those who are on a tight data leash. But obviously, not all the features that you enjoy from the main app will make it to the lightweight one. So whenever an updated brings these features over, it’s a cause for celebration. Messenger Lite’s latest update brings several more new things that users can enjoy without going beyond the 10MB size of the app.

GIFs are an important way of communicating especially over Messenger. Previously, you could receive GIFs but now in the latest version, you can send animated GIFs. All you have to do is install a third-party virtual keyboard, like the Google keyboard and then look for the appropriate GIF to send. That way, there’s not much difference between the main and lite version, at least when it comes to GIFs.

You can also now customize your conversations over Messenger Lite. You can change the color of the text bubbles and the default emojis of your various chats, whether it’s one-on-one or group chats. You can also change the nicknames of the participants in your chat. Just tap on the info button in the upper right to make those changes. The people you’re chatting with will see what you’ve updated in the conversation.

You can also now share files, pictures, video, and audio to your Messenger Lite conversations. Just tap on the + sign, select file or video from the pop-up box, and then choose what you will send. These changes make the Messenger Lite more robust but still not as heavy as the original app, which is particularly bloated and cannot work properly for those whose phones aren’t that great specs-wise.

You can update Messenger Lite now to see these new changes. Facebook says they are invested in bringing more features and fixing bugs or violating content so as to bring a better messaging experience, no matter what your phone is or how fast your Internet is.

SOURCE: Facebook

via Android Community

December 6, 2018 at 04:04PM