MediEvil is shaping up to be a great remake this Halloween


This is the way to remake a game.

MediEvil is back! After 20 years one of the PlayStations cult classics is seeing a major remake and re-released on the PlayStation 4.

From what we have seen so far it looks pretty spectacular so let’s get going and give you some details.

What’s new in MediEvil?

August 2019: PlayStation thinks MediEvil is like Dark Souls

In a recent blog post PlayStation blog tells us about the hands-on they had at Gamescom. It looks like the game is coming along nicely, though the writer did compare it to the dark classic Dark Souls. It feels like everything is compared to Dark Souls these days and it’s unlikely this crazy remake is anything like it, but we can hope!

We did find out that the soundtrack is being recreated but keeping the original score. The sounds will be enhanced and made to take advantage of the PlayStation 4 power.

Rightly, the classic score hasn’t been tampered with. Instead, it’s been enriched. The PS4 remake replaces the orchestral synth sound of the original with the real thing, with the Danny Elfman-inspired score re-recorded by the Prague Symphony Orchestra

Re-recorded by the Prague Symphony Orchestra? Now that sounds amazing. I can’t wait to hear it through my 7.1 surround sound!

May 10, 2019 — We finally have a release date!

At Sony’s latest State of Play event, we finally got our release date for MediEvil. On October 25, 2019, we will finally be able to defeat the forces of Darkness! Of course, why they didn’t wait the 6 days until Halloween is anyone’s guess. I assume games don’t sell well over the holiday?

At least we now have a concrete time of release, and we should start to see even more footage and details coming down the pipeline.

What is MediEvil?

Released back in 1998, MediEvil was a hack and slash game that used the PS1 processing power to give us "Stunning 3D visuals". You play the reanimated corpse of the long-dead Sir Daniel Fortesque, brought back to life accidentally by an evil sorcerer trying to take over the world of Gallowsmere. You defeated the evil sorcerer once and you set out to do it again.

The game was a lot of fun with a unique visual style and plenty of weapons and powers to keep you amused as you battled the demon horde. MediEvil has been something of a cult classic ever since and even got somewhat of a remake for the PlayStation Portable in 2005, though that wasn’t as good as perhaps it could have been.

What kind of game is MediEvil?

Like the original, MediEvil is a hack-and-slash-style game that’s likely to only be single-player. The basic structure of the game is you move from area to area clearing out all the monsters you can with an assortment of weapons. Each weapon has its own set of animations as well power moves that will cause more damage.

MediEvil also has a nice amount of puzzles and traps for you to navigate to break up the endless waves of monsters, and all of these will be recreated in glorious 4K for this remake.

4K goodness?

This version of MediEvil is being rebuilt "from the Grave up" (the developers’ pun not mine), with all-new 4K visuals. The original was fine for its time, but these new animations look amazing and as long as you have a PS$ Pro and a 4K TV, you will get to enjoy what looks to be a beautiful game.

Of course, it may be 4K-optimized but it will run beautifully on the standard PS4 as well. If you haven’t managed to upgrade to the PS4 Pro yet, you may want to consider it as more and more games will be adding 4K visuals to their ensemble.

Is there any new gameplay?

From what we can see from the trailer, there isn’t. When you watch the trailer, you can see that elements of gameplay are being translated exactly as they are in the original. There is a scene in the trailer that shows the same green monster on the same piece of the path as it was in the 1998 version.

It looks to me like a straight port of the original game with a better graphics engine running it. Honestly, this is how I want my remakes. Give me the exact game I love, just updated graphically to keep up with 21st-century technology. Are you listening, Square Enix? Final Fantasy VII could be done this way too.

How and when can you get it?

MediEvil will be available exclusively on PlayStation 4 on October 25, 2019. There is currently a pre-order available digitally on the PlayStation store and we have seen box art. Box art suggests a physical release for those of us who like to collect discs. Of course, digital copies are convenient but having a disc release in this day and age is always cool.

Classic remake


$30 at the PlayStation Store

Scarily good

This remake of MediEvil looks to be one of the best remakes in recent memory. Everything is built new from the ground while maintaining the look and feel of the original game. I can’t wait to get my hands on this in October.

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September 20, 2019 at 10:13AM