Magisk 16.4 brings you fixes for Android P, improved MagiskHide


It’s been a while since we had a big update from the developers of Magisk, your one-stop shop for all things root in modern smartphones. So this new update is a great sign that development of Magisk is alive and kicking, and we’re getting Magisk 16.4 with improvements and various under-the-hood tweaks. If you’ve been waiting for a better Magisk version, then you might want to get in with this new update.

With this new update, Magisk will now bump up to version 16.4. Worth noting in this version is the new and improved MagiskHide implementation. The MagiskHide feature is one of the ways users can potentially bypass the Google’s SafetyNet. The risk of not running without protection is real, but advanced users know the risk they are taking. Google’s SafetyNet and Magisk have a long history of playing cat and mouse, but Magisk is still the best way you can get around SafetyNet.

Apart from the improved MagiskHide, the Magisk 16.4 also fixes issues with Magisk being used on Android P, you’re one of those who tried this. Along with that, Magisk Manager has also been updated. The latest Magisk Manager is now bumped up to version 5.7.0. The complete changelog is provided via the source link below.

If you are already using Magisk, you can just download the new release via developer topjohnwu’s GitHub page.


via Android Community

May 1, 2018 at 04:04AM