LineageOS is now more developer-friendly with LineageSDK


  • The folks behind LineageOS just announced LineageSDK, a development kit for customizing apps to work well within LineageOS.
  • The two main features developers can customize are the Styles and Profiles APIs.
  • LineageSDK will receive updates much in the same manner as LineageOS.

LineageOS, the custom Android ROM that rose from the ashes of CyanogenMod, just added a new product to its roster: the Lineage platform SDK. LineageSDK will give app developers the ability to easily adapt their products to the Lineage operating system, which will result in smoother, more aesthetically pleasing apps for LineageOS users.

One of the main problems with developing a custom ROM like LineageOS is adding in new features to Android. Every time a new element is attached to the core framework of Android itself, it makes updates to both the operating system and the customization incredibly difficult. That’s why LineageSDK came about — it will enable developers of both the operating system and applications to work with custom Lineage code without having to touch Android itself.

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The two highlighted features of LineageSDK are the new Styles and Profiles APIs. The Styles API gives developers access to the brand new Styles feature introduced in LineageOS 15.1. Using Styles, a user can quickly change into a dark mode or customize the accent color of the OS.

LineageSDK will let developers cater their apps to LineageOS, giving users a great experience.

But now developers can access the Styles API as well, enabling their apps to also integrate with the phone’s custom look. For example, an app could swap from dark mode to light mode automatically, depending on which selection the user made for the operating system. This creates a more aesthetically pleasing experience for the user, as well as help apps stand out as being specifically catered to LineageOS.

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The Profiles API enables instant switching between different settings configurations for a device. For example, a user could program a “Home” profile and a “Work” profile. The Home profile could have Wi-Fi on, notification volume maxed out, and brightness levels dropped way down, while the Work profile could be silent with brightness maxed.

Developers now have access to this API, and can make their own changes accordingly. For example, an IoT app could trigger a phone setting when connected to its function, like turning the volume to a certain level when the smartphone connects to a Bluetooth speaker.

LineageSDK will roll out with this week’s updates to LineageOS 15.1, and future SDK updates will post regularly with OS updates.

To give LineageOS a shot, check out its wiki to see if you have a compatible device and follow the instructions to install the OS.

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March 22, 2018 at 05:41PM