LINE app updated with ‘Unsend’ feature


In this day and age, we have no reason not to be able to communicate with one another. The past couple of decades, communication has tremendously developed. The advent of cellular network technologies and the Internet has allowed people, business, and industries to improve on work and processes. For the sentimental, there is the improvement of messaging. The world has become smaller and we know it is bound to become even smaller.

There are numerous instant messaging apps on various platforms and one of the more popular programs is LINE. The Japanese messaging app was first launched in 2011 but only started to take on giants back in 2013. The app has since received many updates including photo and video sharing, group chat mentions, 360-degree photos, plus more in-chat camera goodies. The app was recently updated to include an important feature that most people will find useful–UNSEND. It’s the latest feature that will bring frequent users peace of mind in times of carelessness. You see, sending something silly at times can be a reality for some people. Just in case you made a mistake, feel free to click ‘unsend’. Hope and pray tell the recipient hasn’t read the message yet but read messages can still be unsent.

The unsend feature lets you delete messages sent in the last 24 hours. It will remove your last message may it be a text, email, photo, or stickers. You can delete stuff you don’t want others to see. To do this, simply hold the message you want to unsend. The Unsend option will show up so tap on it. Both desktop and mobile version of LINE have this unsend feature.

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via Android Community

December 13, 2017 at 11:03AM