Life is Strange time-hopping onto Android this July


Square Enix has announced that Life is Strange is coming to Android devices this July. You can pre-register right now to hear immediately when the first episode arrives on the Google Play Store this summer via the button below.

Originally developed by Dontnod Entertainment, Life is Strange is a five-part coming-of-age tale that follows photography senior Max Caufield on a journey of self-discovery, mystery, friendship, loss, and time travel. Yes, time travel.

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Shortly after returning to her childhood home, the picturesque, fictional town of Arcadia Bay, Max suddenly develops supernatural powers that let her rewind time at will. After rekindling her friendship with Chloe Price, a hella cool college drop out with no shortage of inner demons, the two work together to uncover the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of another student.

Cards on the table, I adore both Life is Strange and its prequel series, Before the Storm, which launched episodically on PC and console late last year. The original series debuted in 2015 and later made its way to iOS devices in December 2017 ported by Black Wing Foundation.

An Android version was teased for a release in early 2018 with Black Wing once again at the helm. We’ve had to wait a bit longer than expected, but Android users will now finally be able to dive into one of the most emotionally affecting games ever made. For more of an idea of what to expect from the game, give the Android launch trailer (embedded above) a watch.

Life is Strange artwork Square Enix

The mobile version of Life is Strange features full touchscreen support, an all-new Photo Mode that lets you take pictures within the game and modify them with filters, and social media integration so you can share and compare your pivotal story decisions with friends. As an added bonus, the Android version also features full controller support which isn’t available on iOS.

Pricing has yet to be confirmed but if it’s anything like the iOS version it’ll be around $2.99 for individual episodes or $8.99 for the whole series. Will you be time-hopping your way into Life is Strange on Android this July? Let us know in the comments!

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June 4, 2018 at 09:45AM