LG smartphone with sixteen cameras could be in the works


From single rear to dual rear camera setups, we were introduced to a triple rear camera system earlier this year by Huawei when the P20 Pro was unveiled. The Mate 20 also have the same camera setup. The triple cameras are celebrated but Samsung tried to overshadow the hype by introducing Samsung Galaxy A9 with its Quad Camera setup. Actually, the phone has five but the added camera is in front. As for LG, it implemented the dual rear camera system since the LG G5.

What makes LG different from the other OEMs, it was one of the first to introduce a dual camera system as early as 2011. Remember the LG Optimus 3D? That one had a dual camera system that made the 3D effect photo possible.

There is no confirmation yet but a patent filed on USPTO shows not just three or four cameras. It’s not even five because there are sixteen. Yes, 16! That’s a lot of camera lenses there. It’s a hexadecimal camera system that is set up in a matrix–some curved so photos are captured from different perspectives.

Sixteen cameras may be too much but a multiple-lenses system can let you select the best image from one batch. Using many cameras may also help achieve a 3D or moving image. The idea is for a part of the image can be cut and then replaced by another photo taken by another lens part of the same camera system.

Apart from the multiple camera lenses, there’s a mirror and a flash to allow self-portraits. The patent explains “selfie” shots are better because the advanced main camera system is actually used.

Other possible features of the mystery phone include a touchpad display at the back plus audio output unit, and a front speaker. This patented camera technology could be used in other phones as well so there is a possibility the feature LG foldable phone will also have such multiple cameras.

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November 26, 2018 at 02:04AM