Learn up to five languages with a lifetime subscription to Mondly [DEALS]


Want to learn a new language but find classroom lectures a less than effective means? Then maybe it’s time you gave Mondly a try. Using state of the art speech recognition technology, Mondly is a mobile app that listens to how you speak and offers positive feedback when you pronounce words correctly. It’s perfect for anyone that likes to travel and right now is the perfect time to buy. Get a lifetime subscription for just $69.99 at Android Community Deals, a savings of 94% off the regular price.

A lifetime subscription lets you learn up to five languages of your choosing. Mondly offers access to a vast library of 33 languages to choose from including Spanish, Japanese, and French; it makes learning core words and phrases a snap; and it breaks down the learning process into fun lessons that maximize your learning potential.

Learn a new language at your pace and even without a teacher or classmates with a lifetime subscription with Mondly, only $69.99 here at Android Community Deals.

via Android Community

June 28, 2018 at 05:00PM