Learn how to start a podcast with this inexpensive bundle [DEALS]


Statistics show that 44% of people in the United States have listened to at least one podcast in 2018. That’s a lot of listeners. If you’ve got a message that you want to get out to a large, targeted audience, then you can’t go wrong by starting a podcast. Not sure where to start? Then you should check out The Podcasting 101 Bundle, offered to readers of Android Community for just $29 — a savings of over 90% off the regular price of $1990.

The Podcasting 101 Bundle includes ten courses that illustrate everything you need to know to start your own successful podcast. You’ll learn voice-over skills, how to tell stories that engage, what kind of equipment you’ll need, and more. This bundle is perfect for beginners, provides an inexpensive way to break into this popular activity and, at this price, it fits into practically any budget.

Learn how to break into the podcasting market and be the star of your own show with this Podcasting 101 Bundle, only $29 here at Android Community Deals.

via Android Community

October 12, 2018 at 11:02AM