Lean Launcher is like the Rootless Pixel Launcher, but leaner


A lot of people are probably thanking a certain “Amir Z”, that developer who ripped the Pixel Launcher and gave access to all non-Pixel phone users – and with no root access required, at that. When the Google Pixel launched, many Android users wanted the clean and Google-y look of the Pixel Launcher and wondered if it was going to be passed on to AOSP. That didn’t happen, of course, but thanks to the Rootless Pixel Launcher, the Pixel experience has been passed on to many Android users.

A lot of developers have also built upon Amir Z and his work with the Rootless Pixel Launcher. One of those is a developer who goes by the handle “hundeva”, and his work is called the Lean Launcher. He says that his vision is to create something similar to the Rootless Pixel Launcher, but with a few helpful toggles. As you may know, the Rootless Pixel Launcher is not very customizable, as it just transfers the whole Pixel Launcher experience to your non-Pixel device.

For instance, if you don’t like the Google Search Bar that is now found at the bottom of your screen, Lean Launcher now provides a toggle to hide the search bar. You have several other options, like hiding the “At a Glance” feature, hiding the app search bar at the top of the app drawer, and being able to lock your desktop to prevent accidental changes – among other things.

You can download the app via the source link below, and it is the first public version of Lean Launcher, based on the o-mr1 version of the Rootless Pixel Launcher. The Reddit thread is where you can interact with the developer, since there is no XDA thread as of yet.

SOURCE: Reddit

via Android Community

February 5, 2018 at 07:00PM