Lean Launcher gets an update, users’ feature requests integrated


We recently wrote about another derivative of the Pixel Launcher that you can install on your device, even if it’s not a Pixel phone – this one is called Lean Launcher. The idea of these Pixel Launcher derivatives is to allow users of non-Pixel phones to experience the Pixel Launcher. The idea of Lean Launcher is to give you a leaner Pixel Launcher, where you can toggle some of the features off if you don’t want them. Now here comes an update with new features.

There were quite a few people who took to Lean Launcher – a project of a developer named “hundeva” based on Amir Z’s Rootless Pixel Launcher – easily because of the ability to toggle off some of Pixel Launcher’s features. That said, the initial release was far from perfect, and the developer took to Reddit to get feedback. This new update – version 0.2.0 – integrates some features requested by the users, and fixes some bugs from the first one.

One of the problems with the first version is that somehow the spacing between icons and the padding on the sides of the screen were off. Those issues have been fixed. There is also an option now to change grid sizes, something you can’t do on the original Pixel Launcher. There is also a new double tap to lock feature, a request from a user now integrated into the new build.

The developer is continuing to improve the app, and it looks like there is a plan to release a Play Store version of the launcher soon. Requests for additional features also abound, but the developer has kept a neutral stand on which he would accommodate and which he won’t. Let’s see if the launcher gets better in the next few updates.

SOURCE: Reddit

via Android Community

February 13, 2018 at 02:08PM