Leaked Google Pixel 3 XL gets a high-quality unboxing video


Just when Google thinks the worst is over when it comes to its not-so-secret-anymore Pixel 3 XL, along comes a high-quality looking unboxing video. This would be good under normal circumstances except that the official unveiling is supposed to be this October, but we already know practically everything about it not just because of rumors but because there are alleged leaked devices on sale and seen on video. Now we can see it in all its glory through this video posted on a Russian YouTube channel.

While we of course can’t confirm that it is indeed the Pixel 3 XL, we assume that it is based on what we’ve known about it for weeks. The unboxing video just basically confirms the other things and while it looks slightly bigger than the leaked pictures we’ve seen, it may just be because the hands of the one unboxing are small. The video just has background music the entire time, but the quality is in 1080p, so there’s no cause to complain. And while we don’t really learn anything new, it’s still worth a watch if you want to see the device up close. Sort of.

The unboxing part sees the other things that are included in the box aside from the actual Pixel 3 XL. There is a pair of wired USB Type-C earbuds (that looks like the Pixel Buds), a USB Type-C cable, headphone jack adapter, USB Type-C to Type-A adapter Quick adapter, and a wall plug. There are even #teampixel stickers included which may signal it being the “real thing”.

We get more close up shots of the entire phone, including its screen and the not-so-pleasant looking notch that will probably one of the criticisms against this device. The back of the phone confirms previous rumors that it’s going to be made of glass. The unboxing model proceeds to take several selfies from what we assume is a dual front-facing camera.

It would have been great for Google if all these leaks and rumors actually showed an exciting new device. Unfortunately, even reviews of the leaked device says there’s nothing special about this one, therefore killing any excitement the market may have had for it. By the time Google will announce the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL in October, there will be no more element of surprise.

via Android Community

August 27, 2018 at 02:34AM