Lead your kingdom’s armies to victory in Iron Throne! [Game of the Week]


Update May 18, 2018: This week, check out Iron Throne — a brand new real-time strategy MMO fantasy game that’s vast, robust, and gorgeous to look at!

Iron Throne

The latest release from Netmarble is Iron Throne, an epic new fantasy game that combines real-time strategy elements with a sprawling MMORPG overworld and just a ton of stuff for you to do. It also looks downright amazing on a flagship device with good specs, so if you’ve bought a new phone and are looking for a game with sharp graphics to show it off — this is the one.

The game has you play as an omnipotent Lord of a sprawling kingdom, which is where you’ll be spending a good chunk of time spawning troops for battles, upgrading different structures around your kingdom, and stockpiling resources. As you level up and progress, you unlock new ways to play that are designed to ease you into the full experience which will have you joining an alliance and waging war.

If you’re a fan of fantasy games in the style of Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings, you should absolutely check out Iron Throne!

There are four main gameplay elements at work here: kingdom building, real-time strategy battles, monster hunting, and a more traditional RPG experience called Town Mode that has you wandering your township solving problems for your citizens. Kingdom building is the same sort of city building gameplay you’ve seen before, where you’re upgrading structures one at a time, often with a timer slowing things down unless you choose to spend gold or power-ups to speed up construction time.

But the real meat of this game is the real-time strategy battles, which have you choose a hero to lead your army, organize your troops to best challenge your opponent’s army, and then watch the battle unfold with the option to swing things in your favor by launching meteors or dropping a massive ogre onto the battlefield.

Initially, you unlock Dimensional Battle which is essentially the single-player campaign that teaches you strategy and gameplay tips, but by the time you level up to the point where you unlock PvP battles, you should be a seasoned military general.

This game is so large in scope first few hours of the game essentially act as your tutorial, as the game gets you accustomed to everything. But if you’re a fan of fantasy games in the style of Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings, you should absolutely check out Iron Throne!

Download: Iron Throne (Free w/IAPs)

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May 18, 2018 at 05:05AM