Latest Galaxy Note 8 update adds better Live Focus controls


A new update is available for the new Note 8. In this last month of the year, expect several rollouts of software updates for most devices released this year. Samsung has been slow these days in releasing updates but good thing a new one is available that delivers the usual performance and stability improvements. Another significant change is related to the phone’s imaging tech. The camera app gets updated as per the changelog that lists Live Focus controls that are more intuitive. We learned of this particular enhancement from Verizon.

The changes may seem minor to some but there are people, the mobile photography enthusiasts, who will find it very helpful. You will see the prompt that says “Live focus ready” showing a more noticeable background. It’s in opaque yellow so you won’t be confused.

The Note 8 will also tells you if you’re too near or far the camera or if the lighting condition isn’t enough. Live Focus notifies you of what you need to do in order to achieve high-quality images.

If you need to adjust the background blur, you will see a slider that now has the + and icons. Click on them if you want to adjust the settings. Switching between front and back cameras can now be done by tapping on a back button you can see on the top left of the screen. It shows up in Live Focus mode so it’s easier to navigate.

Note this is the same software update we mentioned a while ago for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. We’ve been waiting for the phablet to receive some improvements and good thing it’s here and with just the right boost for the premium smartphone.


via Android Community

December 1, 2017 at 03:07AM