LastPass is working with Google on the Accessibility Services issue


Earlier this week, we reported that Google was planning to crack down on apps that use Accessibility Services. Developers started to receive emails stating their apps were not designed to help disabled people and therefore will be removed for using Accessibility Services. A lot of apps use this feature, including some big names like LastPass.

LastPass uses Accessibility Services to autofill usernames and passwords in apps. This is an official feature in Android Oreo, but the vast majority of Android users won’t get Oreo for a while. This crackdown would put a lot of LastPass users out of luck. LastPass posted an update on their blog to address these concerns.

LastPass is working with Google and to confirm, there is no immediate impact to our Android users. Google has assured app development partners, including LastPass, that they’re focused on a long-term solution that meets user needs and their accessibility requirements.

For now, LastPass users will be fine. Obviously, Google hopes to get more people on Oreo and using the official autofill feature, but that will take a while. Hopefully, they can reach a compromise with more apps like LastPass.

via Phandroid

November 14, 2017 at 11:22AM