Kenwood head units to feature wireless connectivity for Android Auto


Android Auto has slowly progressed into a great innovation for the way people integrate their Android devices and apps with their cars. It’s not up there yet in terms of being essential for cars, but a lot of people are appreciative of what the platform brings. This CES 2018, Android Auto may jump to the next level when Kenwood presents wireless connectivity for Android Auto in their products.

Kenwood has teased that it will be showing off new high-end multimedia receiver units for cars at the CES 2018 trade show in Las Vegas which kicks off in a few days. There will most likely be two models for these new car head units, and one of them will have “wireless connectivity for Android Auto” as a feature.

For the longest time, users still had to physically connect their Android devices to the car head unit – either with a standard USB cable or a dock – for Android Auto to work correctly. That’s not a big problem for users, but it would certainly add to the ease-of-use for Android Auto if the platform went wireless.

In comparison, Apple’s CarPlay continues to be wired or tethered – not that this is a big hassle for users. But going wireless will certainly be a move to the next level for Android Auto. We’ll see what Kenwood has for us in the next few days at CES 2018.


via Android Community

January 2, 2018 at 04:55AM